BoRo Beach Bike Isle of Wight

This weekend the BoRo Beach Bike launched on the Isle of Wight. The first of it's kind, this unique experience promises to be a success. The BoRo bike was officially launched in Ryde this weekend during IW Pride, and it will arrive in Cowes this Autumn. 

I was lucky enough to have a go on the bike before the launch on Friday with The Local Directory and some other small businesses from the Island. 

The bike has up to 17 passenger seats with 10 of those being active pedlars. The BoRo has one electric motor, and produces zero carbon on the road.

Founder Dominic Wong sees the BoRo Beach Bike as more than a mere eco tourism attraction, and already has plans in place for alternative use. He envisions the bike to be used as a fun place to network, with business meetings and also an unusual way to burn those calories, with fitness rides and work-outs. 

Promoting it's eco conscious and eco friendly ethos the company does it best to ensure that it does it's bit for community as well as the environment, with monthly beach cleans that are held on the second Thursday of every month, as well as the products and merchandise that they sell onboard. 

Promoting the plastic free movement in style,  BoRo has followed in the footsteps of a variety of eco conscious companies such as ZSL London Zoo, selling canned water from 'CanO Water' on board.  Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable compared to those pesky plastic bottles, and if recycled are estimated to be back on shop shelves in another form within 60 days. 

CanO Water - "A solution to plastic pollution" @

CanO Water - "A solution to plastic pollution" @

The merchandise sold by BoRo Beach Bike is also ethically and environmentally sourced from Rapanui.

The starting point for the BoRo Beach Bike is at Ryde Pier Head, with an additional pickup 15 minutes later from Ryde Super Bowl. There are a variety of routes to choose from to suit every riders needs and capabilities. 

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