KR Sustainability made the local press...

KR Sustainability and one of the projects that I am working on was featured in this weeks Isle of Wight Observer. 
The Workplace Engagement Programme is so much more than a Community Liftshare Scheme. 
It enables Employers to identify transport issues within their businesses, in short potentially reducing their carbon footprints, saving the business and their employees money as well as the environment.

This is done by carrying out a detailed audit of the site, a company profile, and travel survey sent out to employees.

Based on this data, a bespoke travel plan is created with a list of recommended measures that will help your business and it's employees reduce their carbon footprint, encourage sustainable travel methods.

By taking part In the scheme you also have access to exclusive discounts and offers funded by the Isle of Wight Council's Access Fund for Sustainable Travel. These can be anything from Bike Discounts from local bike shops or free Dr Bike Maintenance sessions... We also encourage businesses to engage with the community Liftshare scheme, so that there is a chance that most, if not all employees can get to work either by driving someone else or being the passenger in a car.

So what are you waiting for? Why haven't you signed up yet? 
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