A thought occurred to me this weekend when I was shopping in my local supermarket… why haven’t I seen any TerraCycle Crisp Packet recycling points on the Island yet? Aren’t we striving for a ‘plastic free’ island? …

The Walkers Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme is in full swing, but why have few Island communities signed up? Our local waste contractor Amey does not currently recycle crisp packets, so we should be doing as much as we possibly can to prevent these from ending up in landfill.

If we’re aiming for a Plastic Free Island, we shouldn’t be forgetting about this favourite lunchtime snack and the huge amounts of waste it generates every day!

Especially if you are a workplace or work in the hospitality sector, you should have one of these bins as part of your waste management strategy. Crisps are a delicious add on to a sandwich meal deal, and crisps are that perfect mid-afternoon snack to tuck into at your desk…

I haven’t seen any collection points in shops, supermarkets, anywhere at all! Have you seen any? Can you become a collection point? These collection points take all crisp packets, not just Walkers!

The only registered places on the island so far are schools!*

Christ the King College, who are already on their way in becoming a eco-conscious school with their recycling efforts, and Haylands Primary School in Ryde. Excellent examples set and I hope the rest of the island follows suit!

So what are you waiting for? Supermarkets, cafes, workplaces, communities get signing up and become a collection point today.

To sign up:

For more information:

For help with your Waste Management strategy, or general Environmental Management, pop me a message, or give me ring!

*That I’m aware of, the website may be inaccurate!

If you’ve been chucking away your Crisp packets in recycling and you were unaware that they were non-recyclable… check out this handy guide here to keep you on track: