Sustainability Workshop @ Ryde School with Upper Chine

A couple of weeks ago I was at #rydeschool delivering a sustainability workshop to year 7 pupils. As part of the workshop I asked pupils to tell me what they thought sustainability was, the positive impacts sustainability had on the school, the negatives, and what they thought they'd like to improve. 

It was absolutely amazing to see that the Year 7 pupils already had a foundation of knowledge for Sustainability and Sustainable Development. This is often unseen in many schools and is even seen in higher education. 

These are some of the ideas that they came up with during the workshop:

Negative Impacts on Sustainability in the school:

  • Plastics and polystyrene in the canteen. - Can alternatives be used or can we stop using them?

  • Unnecessary paper bag usage in the canteen. - Students are given bags to carry their lunch in front the canteen.

  • Revise the sprinkler usage on site. - Students were concerned that they were on too much, wasting valuable water.

  • Food waste from the site. - Where does it go?

  • Plastic water bottles in the canteen - Can they be gotten rid of?

  • Problems with energy usage - Computer monitors and lights being left on is something that the students were very concerned about.

Positive Impacts on Sustainability in the school:

  • Taps are on a timer to prevent them being left on for long periods of time.

  • Reduced plastic water bottle usage.

  • Introducing a water refill scheme

  • Students in detention pick up litter - (This made me giggle, but honestly better than sitting in a room for hours)

  • Separate bins for waste

  • Printers have settings that prevent unnecessary printing

  • Water fountains have been installed, and water wastage goes to plants.

What would we like to improve?

  • Plastic Free lunch hall!

  • Cut back on energy usage - Lights and computer monitors always on, introduce sensors or create a switch off campaign

  • Water butts connected to pipes on the roof to collect water for gardening etc.

  • Composting for food waste

  • Change polystyrene bowls to card in canteen

  • Revise sprinkler system

  • Encourage less paper usage, encourage double sided printing, and encourage teachers and students to ask the question: Is this printing necessary?

  • Encourage students to bring own lunch bags to reduce the amount of waste from paper bags

  • Encourage students to bring own refillable water bottles or give some away to students.

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