NUS Green Impact

After working with the NUS for the past 3 years at University, Kayleigh learnt a great deal about Education for Sustainable Development, various behaviour change initiatives and the Green Impact scheme. The NUS helped Kayleigh find her true career path in Sustainability and the Environment. 

Having completed the Green Impact scheme for her Student Union and having taken part in the auditing process, she can confidently assist others in gaining the award that they truly deserve.  

Green Impact has now launched for businesses on the Isle of Wight with the help of the IW Council, the IW Chamber of Commerce and the NUS. An award winning scheme in it's own right, it encourages businesses to think not only of their 'green' credentials, but corporate social responsibility as a whole. 

If you need help with the toolkit, or you just don’t have the time, Kayleigh can provide you with a consultancy package that will allow you to do your bit for the Environment & CSR without worrying about a thing! Contact Kayleigh for pricing for Green Impact

For more information on the Green Impact scheme, or to sign up visit http://greenimpact.org.uk/iw - Free to all Island Businesses. 

*Kayleigh is only able to help you achieve parts of the toolkit by working with you and your business. She does not work for the NUS. If you have a query with the toolkit, contact the NUS directly.