Workplace Engagement Programme

The ‘Workplace Engagement Programme’ is an initiative created in response to the Isle of Wight Councils Access Fund for Sustainable Travel. Under the remit of Access to Employment, this project aims to engage workplaces on sustainable travel options to reduce the amount of cars on the road in the Medina Valley, and encourage long term behaviour changes amongst employees and employers.

Image Credit: Isle of Wight Council

Image Credit: Isle of Wight Council


The scheme engages workplaces across the island with an initial introduction, and a full assessment of employee behaviours and habits surrounding travel and transport modes through a travel survey, and finally an audit of the site and it’s facilities.

From the data that is collected, a bespoke travel plan is created for the business or organisation. This travel plan has a series of measures and goals for a business or organisation to achieve over a certain period of time. Myself and my client assist with these measures until the project end.


Image Credit: Kayleigh Richter

Image Credit: Kayleigh Richter

The Travel Plans aims, strategies and goals are then discussed at length with a newly appointed Travel Co-Ordinator within the business. This is massively important, because these potential goals that the business wants to achieve need to be bespoke to them. There isn’t much point in devising a travel plan for a business and assuming their needs without talking to them about it first. It is important that the aims, strategies and goals are achievable, applicable and financially viable for that business in particular.

During this process, we also devise a ‘timeline’ for the business, so that can affectively plan what they want to achieve and how they are going to achieve it in a certain period of time. This is reviewed every couple of months to ensure that the business can still achieve these aims, strategies, and goals that they have set themselves.

Image Credit: Kayleigh Richter

Image Credit: Kayleigh Richter


Once the travel plan is in place, small changes can begin to happen, with the help of extra funding from the programme and regular meetings with the Travel Co-Ordinator, the travel plan can begin to make a positive and healthy change within the workplace.

The programme also offers a variety of events to help encourage Sustainable Travel, such as travel clinics and commuter breakfasts.


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